Our Company Coastman IT is privately owned, backed by a limited
number of long term investors. This has enabled us to
grow steadily whilst focusing on our long term goal and
ambition : be the trusted partner of choice for all
IT-related transformation projects of our clients.

In line with our result-driven focus, we run a thin
organization, avoiding and minimizing overhead
whenever possible and sharing the benefits from
this with both our employees and clients.

Our Approach

We Analyse and We Understand

Our experience shows that communication and understanding are the main success factors in IT projects. We believe that the understanding of the processes and systems which we gain from an analysis phase is not just the first step, it is the base where the complete project rests on. Therefore - contrary to many other methodologies - we consider it a foundation that is continuously enriched with all the insights our people gain, not just a phase which is "closed off" after a few days or weeks.
In order to be up to this task, our people have a broad background in business and IT and are fluent in many languages. They think along with you, pick up the side conversations, and dig in themselves in order to get to the best possible understanding.

We Design and We Prototype

Based on our understanding and in close collaboration with you, we design the to-be solution. Whenever possible, a prototype is built to give you and your key-people a genuine "look and feel" of the new situation.
In addition to this, reference visits are organised to see similar solutions in action. This boosts confidence, enriches the discussions on processes and tasks and will result in valuable feedback on details which may not have been taken into account yet.

We Build and We Test

We pride ourselves on having no walls between "functional" and "technical" people. Our developers often have worked as analysts and consultants themselves and are recruited from a range of backgrounds in business and IT. Testing is done following strict scripts of realistic business scenarios and are planned for multiple full cycles.

We Train and We Document

Coastman IT takes training and documentation seriously. We believe that in technical matters, the ability to clearly explain and document something probably is as important as is the knowledge itself. Our multilingual consultants and engineers are able to produce the right training material for each target group and will deliver all training following best practices of result-oriented learning. Technical documentation is updated in each step of the process and made available to you on an easy-to-reach central instance.

We Go Live and We Support

When the big day comes, Coastman IT is at your side. Helping to solve any issues quickly and with the least possible disruption. The hyper care phase takes as long as needed for your people to feel confident and enthousiastic about their new tools.

Of course we are available as well for support, upgrade or improvement missions on existing systems, tackling and removing any obstacles in getting your systems and processes running smoothly.