SAP Technologies At Coastman IT, we understand how important it is to maximize
the return on your investment in SAP, while minimizing the
risks associated with implementing such a large and
all-encompassing platform.

With our understanding of how to use all options offered by SAP in
order to improve business processes, we have become a partner of
choice for our customers to achieve quick and clean roll-outs,
developments and overall high performance and ROI in the SAP field.

Our Offerings

SAP Engineers and Consultants

Our internal teams of highly experienced engineers and consultants can master the most complex challenges in the SAP field. Whether you need a skilled individual, a small local team or a fully staffed workgroup for an international project, we can rapidly assemble a team of best-in-class experts.

Additionally to this, we pride ourselves on having built no walls whatsoever between managers, functional and technical people. Our staff often have worked in different roles as analysts, consultants, engineers or project managers and are recruited from a wide range of backgrounds in business, science and IT. This guarantees you a versatile and fully-operational team from day one, whatever the project phase you are in or the challenge you are facing.

Agency and Contract Staffing Services

Based your requirements and project needs, we offer agency and contract staffing services as well - looking out for you for that specific or highly specialised profile that we may not be able to provide to you from our in-house staff. Our large network guarantees you only will see CV's from capable candidates that are a close fit for the role. Having already done a large part of the selection process at our side, you will only have to make the final decision.